Blake Courter

Case Study: Hyperbolic multiscale lattices for the entangled lifestyle

1 April 2023 (Fiction)

As mentioned yesterday, hyperbolic space is more spatially dense than Euclidean space, and therefore offers opportunities for higher performance and fidelity in engineering applications. In this case study, we’ll examine how to prepare ordinary Euclidean CAD and mesh geometry for embedding in hyperbolic space and manufacture in QE3D’s quantum entanglement production system.

Triangles in hyperbolic space

The key unit in any structural design, including beam lattices, is a triangle. In Euclidean space, the sum of the angles of set of triangles around a vertex must total 360°. In hyperbolic space, we can increase that total angle to any number we want, even ∞!

Surface curvature

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Hyperbolic CAD for High-Performance Engineering

1 April 2023 (Fiction)

As the cost of fabricating high-fidelity, quantum-collapsed geometry becomes increasingly prevalent, as an industry, we’re forced to confront the following challenge: where are we going to put all of our crap? At QE3D, we’re hard at work to collapse wave functions in our commitment to enable more engineering design space.

You may wonder: how does the superposition of quantum entanglement and machine learning scintillate more room for our everyday carry? Indeed, our technology achieves for consumer products, implantable electronics, wearable devices, and sub-dermal surveillance exactly the same advantages parachute pants achieved for break dancers. With the supremacy of the mesoscale fully realized via TPMS, spinodal decomposition, and mixed topology lattices, from what extra space might we draw additional engineering acumen?

At QE3D, we manifest our quantum technology through three regimes for AI-driven, dimensionality enhanced, spatial domains.

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Knowing versus experiencing math

On the Geometric Processing Worldwide Discord server, a frequent participant was lamenting the challenge of absorbing all the great work going on in computational geometry. It caused me to consider my own challenges with learning math.

For a long time I wanted to know math. I thought that I could learn what was out there but by glossing over the text and seeing the ideas, maintaining some sort of mental index to the math I might someday need to use. I would assume that the author’s introductory instructions to do the exercises didn’t apply to me. I usually only made it a few chapters into such texts.

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Welcome to the new site

Hello and welcome. Sometime around 2020, my old Amazon instance with Wordpress finally bit the dust. Here we are, trying again, with modern technology. Eventually, we’ll get some of the old content rehosted here.

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