Gradient Control Laboratories and LatticeRobot

With the UGF research entering a public phase, some other collaborations from the background are entering the foreground. In particular, some investigations with some friends have evolved into two new entities: an incubator, Gradient Control Laboratories and its first spinoff, LatticeRobot!

LatticeRobot Logo

Media coverage from CDFAM ‘23 LatticeRobot Launches a Home for Lattices, Metamaterials, and Textures

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TCT: LatticeRobot launches engineering community for lattice research and knowledge share

What is Gradient Control Labs (GCL)?

GCL is an incubator founded by Luke Church, myself, and some friends to help advanced engineering software, a notoriously challenging business. The best leaders of engineering software companies are not usually the best builders of engineering software, and we close that gap by helping founders build great, scalable products. In the process of building companies, we are also developing background IP in implicit modeling, user interaction, and machine learning to future accelerate future application development.

What is LatticeRobot?

Lattices offer the potential to change the world of advanced manufacturing, but a lack of common knowledge impedes their application. LatticeRobot closes this gap by bringing a community of engineers together in a computationally enhanced working space to aggregate and explore the world’s knowledge of lattices, textures, and related mesoscale geometry and applications.

LatticeRobot’s interactive environment helps engineers explore what combination of base materials and lattice geometries create data-driven results. It combines lattice geometry and empirical, functional data to produce optimized implicit unit cells that work with modern latticing software. Data supplied by hardware, software, and consulting vendors refers users back to the referenced products and services, helping users discover the most fit products and services for their applications.

Hear it from the team:

What’s next for GCL?

While we’ll be busy with LatticeRobot for most of 2023, we have a few hunches about the future of engineering software that we continue to explore. We expect to productize aspects of that research while working with market-driven founders to bring the next generation of design, engineering, and manufacturing software to market. If you have a vision to address an undeserved engineering market, consider reaching out.