nTop Platform 3.0 and Beyond

nTop 3.0 is overwhelmingly the most exciting technology available for Field-Driven Design. In this video, my colleages and I take a behind-the-scenes review of what made it possible.

It was a pleasure making this video with my colleagues (in order of appearance):

  • Cayleigh McCreight, P.Eng, Product Support Engineer
  • Joseph George, VP of Engineering
  • Christian Thomsen, Technical Lead for Topology Optimization and Lattices
  • Johann Korndörfer, Technical Lead, Interactivity
  • Suraj Musuvathy, Manager, Geometry and Interactivity
  • Ignacio Fraga, VP of Architecture
  • Trevor Laughlin, VP of Product
  • George Allen, nTopology Fellow

As well as our friends at:

See the 3.0 announcemnt from nTopology for more information.

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