Exhibit at Blair Academy

I’m thrilled to exhibit and present at the Romano gallery at Blair Academy from October 2 through November 3, with a reception and lecture on October 11. Thanks to Rita Baragona for the invitation.

Geometry, generative algorithms, and top-down engineering drive Mr. Courter’s sculpture, interactive media and apparel. The principle that motivates his work is the construction of simple sets of rules that synthesize results through manual problem solving and programmed automation. Recurring themes include mapping abstract concepts into tangible objects and confronting engineering orthodoxy. Most of Mr. Courter’s work is documented via open source software and CAD models.

A 1996 graduate of Princeton University, Mr. Courter holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a certificate in materials science. He has dedicated his career to innovation in computer-aided engineering and is currently the head of software research at Stratasys, where he is building a new generation of tools for functional additive manufacturing. In 2016, Mr. Courter received the Peter Marks Pioneer Award from the CAD Society, which acknowledges visionary leaders in the engineering software industry.

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